The first blog of the year 2020 will be the Year in Review as we get ready to zoom into the new year. I plan to write this at least once a week to keep the conversation going. I hope that you will comment on what I write. This is meant to be a dialogue in words or images.

Year in Review – 2019

January – May: I began January, 2019, making art and teaching Art Appreciation at College of Coastal Georgia. For the past 2 years, I have only been offered one class per semester. This was not enough income for the amount of time that I spent and the break-up of my weekly schedule and the general mood on campus. So when I heard that the administration was putting all of the Fall classes taught by adjuncts on reserve or standby until they were filled and they planned to raise the student class maximum to 48, I submitted my resignation at the end of the Spring Semester. As it turned out, I would not have had an Art App. Class anyway, so it was all for the best and it relieved my mind from waiting all Summer to see if I had any classes.

I taught art at the college for 9 and one-half years. I have taught art to over 1400 students. Most of the time the classes and the students were very enjoyable. I still have some good friends there and I am happy to have worked there, but also excited to move on.

Here are a few student projects from the classes.


MLK Collage


Notan Project

Photo Collage Project


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