About Us


We are a family of artists who specialize in a wide range of fine arts, including pottery, painting, photography, writing, and sculpture. We believe that art has the ability to bring people together, the language to speak truth and beauty, and a lens through which the world can be seen differently. We are each driven to create in order to connect with the world around us and as a way to celebrate life.

In addition to selling our own unique pieces, we are also happy to create one-of-a-kind works of art according to your specifications. Just drop us a line! We would love to hear from you!


Meet the Family


Terry Craig

Mixed Media

Terry studied art at the University of Georgia where he received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Sculpture. He attended the UGA Studies Abroad Program in Italy. He continues to pursue a career in art and education presently teaching art in Brunswick, Georgia.


Debbie Craig


Debbie studied her craft at the University of Georgia and abroad in Cortona, Italy. For over 30 years she has been both a studio potter and a teacher of ceramics to adults and children on the Georgia coast. Her work consists of wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware for everyday use.


Noah Craig

Painting & Illustration

Noah studied art at Berry College where he received a Bachelor's in Studio Art. After graduating, he co-founded a design company that specialized in a broad range of creative fields. His art career has included work in design, branding, illustration, portraiture, and as a mural artist.


Liana Craig

Writing, Editing, & Crafting

Liana received her MFA in Creative Writing from California College of the Arts. She has published a series of short stories and technical papers, and is currently working on her first book. As an Editor, she has worked on event manuals, manuscripts, business proposals, and marketing campaigns.