Philip B. Craig’s Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day

Today, March 17, 2020, is my dad’s birthday. Philip B. Craig would be 99 years old today. He passed away 13 years ago and I still miss him. He was the dominant figure in my life and I still occasionally think, “I wish Dad could see how his grandchildren are doing or meet my grandchildren. He would be very proud.” He lived through a time of unrest and uncertainty in

Nature’s Universal Process

Lately I have been trying to see in the ever changing process of Nature the symbolic sign of grace that God is implicit in all of creation. We live and move and have our being in the patterns of elements and expressions in and around us. It is very visible to me in the forms and contrasts of light in sea, earth and sky. That is why I never tire

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

Hey everyone, We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog to recommend a video to you. We just watched the documentary video, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” about the life and TV career of Mr. Fred Rogers. Fred Rogers was a pioneer in Children’s Television and became almost the face of Public Television. Along with Jim Henson, Mr. Rogers used public television to speak directly to children’s lives: their needs, their fears,

My Status is to Keep Working and Improving

Now that I’ve cleared up the questions about my status in my last blog, I can get on with making art full-time from my home studio. I continue to make photo collages for walls, but I am building folding screens of various sizes for room dividers, tabletops, shelf stands and other places to display three-dimensional work. As the weather gets warmer, I will be do more woodwork and painting outdoors.

On Writing and Being Vulnerable

Hello again from the Writing Studio! (Spoilers ahead. I ruin the end of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.) Hopefully everyone can remember a book or article that connected with them on an emotional level. One that either made them happy or sad, or moved them to action. That is what happens when writers allow themselves to be vulnerable on the page. Vulnerability is something we all struggle with as humans. There

I Am Really Still Working!

Hello again! I want to clear up a popular misconception, not started by me, that I am retired. I quit working at the local college to pursue my art career full-time. It was a mutual agreement between me and the administration. They weren’t going to give me any more classes and I wasn’t going to wait around in case they overbooked and needed another hand. I had been trying to leave


Hello! Terry Craig posting again! There are so many gifts to be aware of and thankful for I hardly know where to begin. The list is almost endless as I think about the gifts of life, love, freedom, grace, family, beauty, faith and hope. Artists are often asked to give gifts of artwork to support causes and organizations through auctions and raffles. This is what we have to give. Time

Review of “Invisible Ink” by Brian McDonald

Hello from the writing studio! This week I’m doing a book review of Invisible Ink, by Brian Mcdonald, because if you’re anything like me, you didn’t pay much attention to your teachers when they were teaching structure and craft. In fact, I belong to the “pantser” group that enjoys diving into a project without planning and seeing where the journey leads. Unfortunately, as I’m now in my 30s without having any

The Coming of Spring – Do you see it?

Hello Craig Art House fans! It’s Terry again! I was cleaning off my tables and organizing my papers in the studio this cold (for us) morning and I was arrested by a huge flock of robins landing and feeding in my front yard. They were very busy, hopping and looking for food and scouring the grass for bugs. I immediately grabbed my camera and went to the door. I eased

Jonathan’s Salon

I have really enjoyed showing work at “A Movable Feast” restaurant in Brunswick, Georgia, the past two times. Once, in 2018, I had a very successful show of “Bridges” and then when it ended, I was able to take the core of the show to Jonathan’s Salon on St. Simons Island. It is amazing how different the pieces look from the AMF show in a large space to the intimate