Terry Craig’s 2019 In Review (Part 3)

After returning from San Francisco in June, I had accumulated over 1,000 photographs. I took my camera everywhere. Some of the pictures are weakly composed and many are redundant, but I also have some great shots and I have found several new ways to display single shots and photo collages. From October 17 to November 12, 2019, I exhibited works from our trips to San Francisco at A Movable Feast

Terry Craig’s 2019 In Review (Part 2)

After school was out, Debbie and I spent 5 weeks away with children and grandchildren. We spent most of the time in Dunlap, Tennessee with Noah and his family. It was a glorious time as we got to know our grandchildren again and helped out the children. We traveled around middle Tennessee and enjoyed Spring in the mountains. I always take photographs, so I post a few from our activities

Terry Craig’s 2019 In Review (Part 1)

The first blog of the year 2020 will be the Year in Review as we get ready to zoom into the new year. I plan to write this at least once a week to keep the conversation going. I hope that you will comment on what I write. This is meant to be a dialogue in words or images. Year in Review – 2019 January – May: I began January,

In Memoriam: Gene Threats 1959 – 2018

Hello everyone, Terry here. We haven’t posted anything new in awhile because we had to say goodbye to some very dear family and friends. Below are a few words for our friend, Gene Threats. I met Gene at the College of Coastal Georgia about 9 years ago when I began to teach art at the college and Gene was on the staff. We both moved in the art circles and

2018 Empty Bowl Event

Hello from the Pottery Studio! October 16th is almost here! The Empty Bowl Event on St. Simons Island is happening at Glynn Visual Arts!! It is very exciting! Empty Bowl Events have been happening across the country for over 27 years with the goal of potters and their community to help end hunger. This is our 4th annual event. We have over 300 bowls made by local potters, and by

Ultimate Writing Music Playlist: Week 2

So it’s been awhile. But in my defense, I had another kid. And I’m tired. Plus, I’m still trying to work out all this being an artist/wife/parent/woman thing. Which makes me more tired. Needless to say, I’ve found some awesome writing music (again, this works for me–it may not for you). It’s an oldie, but man, I’ve been in the zone with it: Paul Simon’s Graceland. And it’s not just

Señor Tortuga in the Drawing Room

Hola Craig Art fans! This is the estupendo–the illustrious–Señor Tortuga. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the former pet of a generous Earl, who left his title and fortune to me upon his death, making me the first turtle of leisure. I’ve decided to take a break from my travels to check in with Noah Craig in the Drawing Room. He doesn’t seem to be around,

Two Men Enter; One Man Leaves/Testify

It’s raining at the writing studio and today’s Monday was a real Monday. For a moment, I thought we were all going to descend into a post-apocalyptic thunderdome and, honestly, I didn’t have the will to stop it. But thankfully, a very good friend and fellow artist-mom was there to save me. We had a beautifully honest conversation about being an artist and a mom–an independent woman and a mom–really just

Review of Lewis Hyde’s “The Gift”

Hello! This is Terry Craig. I’m taking a break from the art studio to talk about a book that has been on my mind these past few weeks: Lewis Hyde’s The Gift. It has been referenced in many books on the business of art that I have been reading, but it’s ideas are unique and worth discussion on their own. Frustration and uncertainty are part of every artist’s life and work.  It

Back in the Pottery Studio

There are many changes happening in my life:  in May, semi-retirement from Glynn Visual Arts Pottery Studio Director.  I am still teaching adults and kids at GVA and loving that!  I am also starting my 4th year teaching at College of Coastal Georgia—Intro to Ceramics and Intermediate Ceramics.  Love teaching there, too! I am also enjoying being a grandmother to 3 1/2 yr. old, Philip and 4 month old, Eva