Hello! Terry Craig posting again!

There are so many gifts to be aware of and thankful for I hardly know where to begin. The list is almost endless as I think about the gifts of life, love, freedom, grace, family, beauty, faith and hope.

Artists are often asked to give gifts of artwork to support causes and organizations through auctions and raffles. This is what we have to give. Time and money are harder to come by and even in the market economy that we live in, artwork is a commodity that has monetary value.

But I would say that there is more than just money involved in donating art and crafts to a cause. It is a chance to give our work to something you consider important enough to donate the labor and materials and effort that we put toward making a living to benefit those who are helping others. With artwork you receive more than just an object; you get beauty and inspiration and creative ideas that live on in your imagination.

So thanks to Mary Brittain and the great staff for letting us donate to the St. Simons United Methodist Church Preschool Silent Auction.

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