I have really enjoyed showing work at "A Movable Feast" restaurant in Brunswick, Georgia, the past two times.

Once, in 2018, I had a very successful show of “Bridges” and then when it ended, I was able to take the core of the show to Jonathan’s Salon on St. Simons Island. It is amazing how different the pieces look from the AMF show in a large space to the intimate small space of Jonathan’s Salon. I noticed the change the first time and I wondered if it would happen again.

After the “San Francisco” show at A Movable Feast” in 2019, I again took the core of the show to Jonathan’s. The same transformation took place with the pieces from the AMF show. In the small, quiet space of the salon, the artwork took on a different character.

I appreciate Jonathan Currier’s willingness to let me show work in his salon. He says that it makes the place look fresh! It is also good to change the look every so often because people don’t always notice things. Here’s to a good and profitable association.

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