Hello Craig Art House fans! It's Terry again!

I was cleaning off my tables and organizing my papers in the studio this cold (for us) morning and I was arrested by a huge flock of robins landing and feeding in my front yard. They were very busy, hopping and looking for food and scouring the grass for bugs. I immediately grabbed my camera and went to the door. I eased it open and it just made a slight squeak as I slowly opened it. About half of the robins took off and flew into the woods across the road. I eased very slowly down the steps and into the grass. More of the birds flew up into the trees. By the time I got close enough to take a picture, there were only 3 left in the yard. I took a few pictures and then retreated to the house. Many of the robins came back and I took some pictures from inside.

And then a pair of pileated woodpeckers showed and were working on a tree stump.  They are very shy.

When robins show up in numbers, it is a sign that Spring is here! It’s still January and we have had 3 cold days. It is unseasonably warm, but in the midst of this strange weather, flowers are blooming, pollen is dropping from the trees and robins are passing through. I’m glad I saw it!

DSC_0699 copy
DSC_0695 copy

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